Tales from Brooklyn to Manhattan

M's sunset photo of Manhattan.

Hello there…I am emerging (but only for a short time) from food bliss to tell you how my little jaunt in NYC is going.  What have we been up to you ask?  I can sum it up in 3 activities:

  1. walking (to procure food)
  2. eating food
  3. meeting and talking to all the dogs in Brooklyn (on our way to procuring food)

I’m telling you, this city has a whole new standard of food.  Today we paid $20 for authentic thai-appetizer and entree!  $20!  I haven’t eaten one bad thing since we’ve arrived and I haven’t overpaid for it either.

While we adore it here in Brooklyn, yesterday we ventured to Manhattan to check out what’s going down.  To energize  us we picked up a bagel at Area bagel in Brooklyn on our way to the subway.  I had my first ever, bialy, which is a P olish Jewish bagel-like bread.  It’s not boiled before being baked so it’s less dense and chewy and more crispy and airy.  It was delicious!

This is a bialys. Accompanied by some brocolli, spinach, celery juice--we have to balance things out :)

After a 20 minute ride to Manhattan, me and my financial guru husband went straight to Wall Street.  We popped by the Federal Reserve Bank and were quickly rejected by the New Yorkah guard who said we would not be able to admire America’s gold bars without a 6 week in advance booking.  Boo-hoo.  So we did the next best thing you do in Manhattan in November 2011: we checked out Occupy Wall Street.  It was a lively, peaceful, eclectic gathering of people (the 99%).  Their belief is that by occupying public space, their voices will be heard and the dialogue between the 99% of people and the 1% controlling all the power and money in the world will be opened up.  They are literally living in Liberty Square…complete with tents, dirty laundry and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  We even saw some children around.  There were focus groups discussing next steps for change; there were bands making music with pails and sticks; there were anarachists waving flags.  There was a lot going on and while I can see the skepticism, I really did see passion and real desire for change.  I’ll be interested to see how it turns out.

From there we took a long walk up Broadway to arrive at our next food stop: Balthazar’s.  A New York institution, this is a classic French bakery serving up delicious, traditional pastries.  It was filled to the brim and reminded me of bakeries in Paris.  I had the rustic gallette which is an open face tart of apples and plums.  The crust on this baby was amazing, crispy, fall apart, mille-fieulle and was only slightly sweet.

Outside Balthazar's enjoying my crispy, fruity pastry.

With our sweet tooth still not satisfied, we trekked on over to Babycakes NYC, a vegan, (mostly) gluten free bakery.  Famous for their baked doughnuts, this small bakery certainly offers a lot of variety.  While I could definately tell the goods were gluten free, I was really impressed with the texture and taste.  For someone who is sensitive to gluten, I didn’t have any upsets with their doughnuts which makes the treat all that much sweeter.

We certainly had a lot of calories to burn off so we decided to go back to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn bridge, a long,  beautiful (but chilly) trek across the East River.  After briefly re-enacting the Miranda and Steve make up scene from the Sex and the City Movie (you know what I’m talking about right?), we strolled along admiring the view and people watching.

Me finishing off the Balthazar's pastry on the Brooklyn Bridge

Once we arrived at our place, it was time for me to get some work done, so M went to take photos of the sunset while I toiled away at nursing theory.  Upon his return, our appetites were back (really,  eating here is more like a hobby than a response to hunger) so off we went for our first experience with Columbian food at Bogota.

Let me tell you something: Latins know how to cook!  This isn’t dainty, pretty food.  No way, this is in your face, flavour blasting food piled high on your plate overflowing with love.  The empanadas, the arepas, the plaintains, the beans…everything tasted straight out  of a Columbian bodega.  It also helped that the bartender took a liking to us and offered us free mango mojitos to wash it all down with :)

And this was only day 2!  I can’t imagine what other culinary milestones we’re going to achieve while here.  I wish I could tell you more but my food coma has come on again and I have to go lay down…talk soon.

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